Essential Services offered by Brand Protection Agencies

You know that it takes years to build a brand of your own,but have you realized how quick it is to ruin everything you have worked on? Nowadays,a simple tweet or one viral video could shake the biggest of brands to their cores. Many companies in the past got hit really hard by scandals while others went bankrupt due to lawsuits.

Have you ever given brand protection a thought? If you haven’t,it is time to do so. The online business world is so volatile; you could never predict the fate of your brand reputation. One day your brand could be netizens’ favorite,the next day you could go down the pit of outdated brands.

Protecting your brand is not easy. The good news is there are agencies that can help you do that. According to strategic communications consultancy Acara Strategy,brand protection services perform different duties to provide clients with complete protection. Here are some of the basic tasks of brand protection services:


Agencies look for infringements online such as counterfeit ecommerce listing and a poser account on social media. They also detect rogue sites that can infect systems and devices. Some of these malicious websites promote spam,phishing,malware,and virus attacks.


They also work to validate if products specified as infringement really are infringements. This is carried out to avoid penalties to authentic companies while exercising intellectual property (IP) rights.


This task pertains to the removal of IP infringements found online. In this step,infringing products are removed from the marketplace listing,fake social media accounts are closed,and malicious websites are taken down.


Most brand protection services end with reporting. The agency presents information on where the brand stands in terms of intellectual property online and on how to boost their brand protection strategy in the future.

Consult with a brand protection agency to learn more about brand protection services.

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