Engaging your website visitors is important to establish relationship with your audience,promote return visits,and more importantly to get higher conversion. But how do you really make your website engaging? How do you make visitors stay and not look for other sites?

Here are a few tips and tricks from companies offering SEO services in Hong Kong.

Share your expertise

Don’t be that one selfish company who keeps their knowledge and expertise to themselves. As an expert on your field,you must share expert advice,tutorials,and guides. This would not only educate and inspire your audience; it is also a smart way to establish your reputation.

Improve page loading speed

To online users,every split second counts. This is why websites that load really slow do not fall under their “engaging sites” list. To avoid bounce rate,your page load time must be less than four seconds. Make your site more responsive so you don’t lose a visitor aka potential customer.

Simplify your site’s layout

Go for a simpler and cleaner layout so that visitors can easily figure out how to use and navigate through your website. Confused visitors tend to leave right away. Navigation tabs should be easily accessible,content easy on the eyes,and other features carefully laid out on the page.

Use images

Remember how book pages without pictures bored you back in grade school? That apparently applies to web pages as well. Use highly quality and professional images to make your web pages more interesting and attractive. Use original photos as much as possible. Be it photos of your team,your office,store façade,or products,a nice image can make a page a lot more engaging.

Consult with an SEO agency for more options in boosting your website’s user engagement.

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